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Lauren Bubb

Lauren Bubb: Retoucher
Advertising /fashion /beauty

I studied Photography at Nelson Mandela University, graduated in 2010. Moved to Cape Town to become a retoucher in 2012 after a stint on cruise ships. I have had a long journey of retouching jobs ranging from stock to

e-commerce to magazine publishing. All through this, I freelanced, gained clients then was forced to freelance full time because of the amount of work I was getting. It's been a crazy few years of freelancing for some amazing clients from all over the world. I have done it all: fashion to lifestyle to products to sports brands - everything you can think of. Currently living in London. It is a very exciting journey and keen to keep growing my business abroad.


Asics Global / Liverpool FC / Ariel Washing Powder / Jameson / Heineken / Yardley / Fabiani / John Craig / Woolworths /

The Inkey List / Estée Lauder / Caltex / Coca Cola / InterContinental Hotels / Virgin Active / Vogue Netherlands / Windhoek Lager / Fibre One / Nesquik / Cadbury's /

GH Mumm / Sissy Boy / Beefeater Gin / Crocs / Cop Copine

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